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Do Alpacas make good pets?

Have you ever thought about having an alpaca as a pet? 

Let’s see . . . .
cute, fun to watch, intelligent, curious, and great fiber producers!

Here are some things to think about:

  Alpacas don’t require a great deal of land.
  They only need fresh water and food daily, and since you will not     be breeding them, minimal vet care is required.
  As herd animals, there need to be at least two together as     companions or they will be very lonely.
  They don’t have to be groomed or washed; we can teach you how to keep them basically clean, however, so you can     enjoy looking at them and their beautiful colors.
  Their padded feet will not tear up your turf or pasture area. 
  They can be taught to lead with a halter – even learning a few tricks and mastering obstacle courses.  This means they     can make great 4-H animals for children.
  Alpacas seem to really enjoy children, and working with them can build your child’s confidence.
  Since they have to be shorn every year, you get a new supply of their luscious fiber annually!  Alpaca fiber is exquisite     and valuable.  Most farms sell out of their fiber before it’s time to shear again.
  Make sure you have shelter of some sort to protect them from the elements, and a safe, fenced area in which to graze.      And don’t forget to love and enjoy them!

Sound like something that would appeal to you?  We can sell you a couple of non-breeding males, either suri or huacaya, for about $1000, depending on your selection.  They would need to be gelded after they are about two years old in order to keep their testosterone-fueled energy in check, but you could bring them back to us and we’d do that for a nominal fee. 

Give us a call, come visit, and see if these delightful alpacas would make good pets for your family!